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Seaplane Ratings and Courses

Earn your private or commercial seaplane rating. Located on the western tip of Lake Superior in Minnesota, You will have access to thousands of lakes for seaplane flying.  Don't settle for anything less than the classic Super Cub on amphibious floats; perfect for that secluded Northwood's lake or the private grass strip. Based in Cloquet, MN, we offer 3-5 day seaplane ratings and personalized seaplane adventures throughout northern Minnesota.  You can earn your seaplane rating in as little as 8 hours of flying.  Our Piper Super Cub with 160 hp engine on Wipline 2100 floats is the ultimate seaplne flying machine to earn your seaplane rating.

3 Day Seaplane Rating - 8 Hour Course 

This seaplane rating course is for the fast paced proficient private or commercial pilot. Course includes training materials and up to 8 hours of flight instruction and aircraft rental in our PA18A-150 Piper Super Cub on amphibious floats.

5 Day Seaplane Rating - Plus Wilderness Adventure - 16 Hour Course


This seaplane rating course is an upscale program for the private or commercial pilot who wants to explore remote back-country northern Minnesota lakes while earning the airplane single engine seaplane rating.  Experience awesome back country remote wilderness seaplane flying throughout northern Minnesota.  Course includes lodging, instruction and training materials.  This course can be customized to individual requests.

1 Day Seaplane Recurrent Training Course

This seaplane recurrent pilot course is for the seaplane pilot who needs ground and flight instruction to improve water skills and seaplane landing skills.  This course includes aircraft rental, ground and flight instruction. plus training materials.  This seaplane recurrent pilot course can also be done in the owner flown aircraft.

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