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About Us 

If you are considering a seaplane rating, recurrent seaplane training or some serious back country seaplane flying? Then call us now at Venture North Seaplanes to schedule your training.  We are located in northern Minnesota at the Cloquet, MN (KCOQ) airport, 15 air miles from the Duluth Int'l Airport.  Only a 30 minute car ride to our location at Cloquet (KCOQ) airport from downtown Duluth.  We offer accelerated seaplane ratings and back country wilderness seaplane courses in Minnesota (Land of 10,000 lakes). Come experience the beauty of back country flying like no other in the lower 48 states.

Seaplane Training Piper Super Cub
Floatplane Rating
Why I Fly Seaplanes?


I fly seaplanes because the experience is breathtaking. A unique form of flying that has a strong history in our aviation flying community.  


Learning the basic skills of seaplane flying will improve your overall piloting skills.  Flying a seaplane is more about the feel of the airplane and seat of the pants experience than flying by the book or shall we say (the numbers).  You will develop a feel for the wind, aircraft performance, the water while climbing on step, turning on the water and many other skills.

Its about the most fun you can have in an airplane.  Open up a new world of flying with a new seaplane rating!

Training in Seaplanes
Float Plane Course
The Mission!


Whatever your budget we have a plan for you!


No matter the mission or destination you will enjoy the fact that every landing and takeoff will provide a unique set of challenges and rewarding experiences of seaplane flying on a fluid runway with no windsock or guidance from an ATC controller. 

If its wide open solitude that you are seeking with flying; far beyond the last road or highway north, than the seaplane rating is the right choice and will satisfy your wildest aviation desires.

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